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Communication Dated May 21, 2010

We are bringing the hit Malayalam movie In Ghost House Inn to Seattle on May 22nd 2010 at 1:30 PM at Totem Lake Cinemas. KAW members will enjoy $4 off of the regular rate of $12 for the movie.

In Ghost House Inn is the sequel of To Harihar Nagar. The movie has the same characters Mahadevan (Mukesh), Govindan Kutty (Siddique), Appukuttan (Jagadeesh) and Thomas Kutty (Asokan). Thomas Kutty buys a huge bungalow to start a resort. The bungalow located on a serene hill station however a dreaded place with history that dates back to several decades. The story with its twists and turns is a thorough entertainer that you don't want to miss.

In Ghost House Inn (Harihar Nagar 3)


Sheryln Mammen (Manga Valuthulli Achaar)

Non Vegetarian

Deepa Thomas  (Fish Mappas)


Greetings again from KAW...

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First off, thank you for the support and cooperation for the successful celebration of Mother’s Day.

“Mommies and Kiddos Day Out”—as we called it was a huge success. Close to 50 families turned up for the event. The attendees enjoyed festive atmosphere and competitive spirit of the participants. The most fiercely contested competition was, expectedly, the cooking competition. 20 contestants participated with mouthwatering dishes such as Eggplant Curry, Enna Kathrikai, Misti Kebabs, Pepper Fish, 3 new styles of Biryani, Crab Roast, Last minute happy hubby Chemeen Puttu, Mannoothy Majboos, Coconut Banana Pudding, Pineapple Payasam, Chakka Crepe, Kulfi, Ras Malai, and Motayyappam with Coconut Icecream. We will make the recipe available to everyone soon.

Don’t forget to check out photos of Mother’s Day Celebrations.

Cooking Competition Winners


Femy Jojo (Chic Chic Bun)


Anu Nithin (Layered Vanilla Delight)

Winners will get $50 worth of gift cards during our Onam Celebrations.

Download the recipes and try these by yourself!

Age 2-7

First Prize:
Nandana Menon as Shakunthala

Second Prize:
Lisa Elenjickal as the Japanese Girl
Lakshmi Unny as the Rockstar

Fancy Dress Competition Winners

Winners will get gift cards during our Onam Celebrations.

Age 7 and above

First Prize:
Gayathri Nair as Raja Ravi Varma's Painting

Second Prize:
George Neilju as the Beggar Lady

Madhu Kangara

Guess the Ingredients Competition Winner

Madhu will get $25 worth of gift cards during our Onam Celebrations.

Age 3-4:
Lisa Elenjickal

Age 4-7:
Anita Daniel


Age 8-11:
John Neilju 

Coloring Competition Winners

Winners will get Baskin Robbins gift cards during our Onam Celebrations.


First Prize:
Ranjini Prakash

Second Prize:
Madhu Kangara 

Just-A-Minute Competition Winners

Winners will get gift cards during our Onam Celebrations.


First Prize:
Ravi Shankar 

Second Prize:
Allen Goraphy 

First Prize:
Pramoth and Dhanya

Second Prize:
Reshma and Rajesh

Cinema Quiz Competition Winners

Winners will receive 2 free tickets to an upcoming stage show conducted by KAW in 2010. Runners up will receive 2 free movie tickets to any of the movie screening organized by KAW in 2010.

Download the Cinema Quiz!