KAW Cricket Tournament 2009

Led by Dinesh Nambiar, the Kerala Royals won the KAW cricket trophy by comfortably beating Gods Own Pattalam. Kerala Royals earlier in the day toppled the defending champions Pulikoottam in a close encounter. In another one-sided contest, Gods Own Pattalam overpowered second seeded Seattle Chekavers to advance to the finals.

Date: August 22, 2009
Venue: New Microsoft Ground
Time: 8 AM to 6 PM

Participating Teams

Team Captain
Pulikoottam (2008 winner) Ojus
Seattle Chekavers (2008 runner up) Ashley
Kerala Royals Dinesh
Gods Own Pattalam Girish
Kavalachattambis Nithin
Seattle Royals Sonimon


Match Team 1 Team 2 Time Umpires
1 Gods Own Pattalam Kavalachattambis 8 AM Seattle Chekavers & Kerala Royals
2 Kerala Royals Seattle Royals 10 AM Gods Own Pattalam & Kavalachattambis
A toss will be drawn (between Pulikoottam and Seattle Chekavers) to decide the next round opponents for the winners of Match 1 and Match 2. Match 1 winner will play against winner of the toss, and Match 2 winner will play against the loser of the toss.
3 (SEMI) Match 1 Winner Pulikoottam or Seattle Chekavers (depends on the outcome of the toss) 12 Noon Neutral umpires
4 (SEMI) Match 2 Winner Pulikoottam or Seattle Chekavers (depends on the outcome of the toss) 2 PM Neutral umpires
5 (FINAL) Match 3 Winner Match 4 Winner 4 PM Neutral umpires


  • 2008 Winners (Pulikoottam) and runners up (Seattle Chekavers) will get walkover into the semi finals.
  • Number of Overs in an innings - We will have 12 overs each for all non-final games. For the final depending upon the time and the mutual agreements from the finalist captains we will play 12 or 16 overs
  • KAW will provide cricket kits for all the teams to use. ARCL has sponsored the cricket balls for this tournament.
  • Thattukada: There will be a Thattukada serving Idli, Vada, Cutlets, Sambharam, Lemonade etc for a nominal price (please bring change).
  • KAW non-liability form signature must be signed by all playing members stating that KAW will NOT be held responsible for:
    1. any car parking issues
    2. any injuries caused during the game
    3. any food consumed from "Thattukada"
  • Ground Reservation - Though we have the ground for the entire day, ARCL has informed us that their reservation actually starts at 10 AM to 8 PM. If somebody already booked it from 8 to 10, we may have to wait.
  • In case of any questions, call Ashley at 425 273 6021
  • Please come with your family and friends. We need a community feel, than two teams simply playing.

Directions to the ground

Name: New MS Commons Ground (Microsoft Ground #6)
Address: 15101 NE 40th Street, REDMOND, WA - 98052

From 520:

  • Take ramp right and follow signs for 148th Ave N.E.
  • Turn right onto 148th Ave NE
  • Turn right onto NE 40th St
  • Turn right onto 4th Rd
  • Turn left onto 1st Rd
  • If the above directions are confusing, then follow directions to Microsoft Building "Studio-B", the ground is right behind it.