Rules of Cooking Competition

  1. Only KAW 2010 members can participate. You can become a member at the venue by paying $15 membership fee (per family).
  2. All participants (their parents in case the participant is a minor) must sign the KAW non-liability form. If you can bring a signed copy of the form, that will speed up the registration process.
  3. Competitions will be held in four categories: Appetizers (veg or non-veg), Main dish (veg), Main dish (non-veg), and Desserts (including payasams)
  4. A family can participate in all four categories, but more than one item will not be allowed in each category.
  5. The contestants must be ready to answer related questions from the judges.
  6. All the items must fall under our great Indian cuisine. We take the broader definition of "Indian Cuisine," the spices used can be Indian, a recipe of Indian origin is acceptable, so is a popular dish in India. Unless the dish (or appetizer, or dessert) has no connection to India, we accept it as Indian. The burden is on the participant to prove its India connection when the connection is not explicit.
  7. You must bring a minimum 6 servings for the each item (the more, the better!)
  8. You need to bring three copies of the recipe. If you send the recipe one day in advance, KAW will make copies for you.
  9. KAW reserve the right to appoint judges for the competition. The verdict of the judges will be final.
  10. Marks will be allocated based on taste (70%), creativity in recipe (15%), presentation skills (10%), and creativity in naming (5%).
  11. The competition will be cancelled if there aren't at least 2 participants in each category.
  12. The winners will receive dining gift certificate worth $200. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

Last Modified: May 13.