Rules of Guess the Ingredients Competition

  1. Only KAW 2010 members can participate. You can become a member at the venue by paying $15 membership fee (per family).
  2. All participants (their parents in case the participant is a minor) must sign the KAW non-liability form. If you can bring a signed copy of the form, that will speed up the registration process.
  3. A list of wrapped food items (such as chocolate bars, biscuits etc.) will be displayed to all contestants. We will keep the product on display until the competition is over.
  4. Each contestant will receive printed paper where she needs to fill in the missing ingredients.
  5. We will list the number of ingredients; each contestant will receive printed paper to fill out the ingredients list.
  6. Be very specific in naming the ingredients, as in “all-purpose flour” or “whole wheat flour” instead of “flour”.
  7. Each right answer carries one point and the person with maximum points wins.
  8. No assistance (such as searching the internet using a phone) is allowed. The contestant using a phone (for any purpose), or seeking any other form of assistance will be immediately disqualified.
  9. KAW reserve the right to appoint judges for the competition. The verdict of the judges will be final.
  10. The competition will be cancelled if there aren't at least 2 participants in each category.
  11. The winner will receive dining gift certificate worth $25. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

Last Modified: May 13.