Rules of Just-A-Minute Competition

  1. Only KAW 2010 members can participate. You can become a member at the venue by paying $15 membership fee (per family).
  2. All participants (their parents in case the participant is a minor) must sign the KAW non-liability form. If you can bring a signed copy of the form, that will speed up the registration process.
  3. There will be separate competition in Malayalam and English. For Malayalam competition, no English word is allowed.
  4. There may be a preliminary round to limit the number of entries to the final round. Rules for the preliminary round will be decided by the moderator.
  5. The final round will have a maximum of five participants.
  6. Each participant will be asked to speak for one minute on a given subject without repetition, hesitation, or deviation:
    • “Repetition” means the repetition of any word or phrase (very common words are excluded by facilitator’s discretion) Words contained in the given subject are exempt unless repeated many times in quick succession.
    • “Hesitation” is a momentary pause before resumption of the subject can give rise to a successful challenge, as can tripping over one's words. Even pausing during audience laughter or applause is not permitted.
    • “Deviation” means deviating from the subject, or “deviating from the language as we know it”, “deviation from grammar as we understand it”, “deviating from the truth”, or even “deviating from logic” based on what the facilitator thinks deviation is.
  7. Swearing and use of “bad words” are not allowed.
  8. A player who makes a correct challenge takes over the subject for the remainder of the minute, or, until he or she is correctly challenged.
  9. 1 point is awarded for speaking 1 second. 5 points for a successful challenge, 10 additional points for speaking at the 60th second. Additional 25 points for speaking an entire minute without challenges. 5 points will be deducted for an unsuccessful challenge.
  10. The participant who scores maximum points is the winner.
  11. KAW reserve the right to appoint judges for the competition. The verdict of the facilitator will be final.
  12. The competition will be cancelled if there aren't at least 2 participants in each category.
  13. The winner in each category (Malayalam and English) will receive $15 worth gift cards and runners up will receive $5 worth of gift cards. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

Last Modified: May 13.