2010 Onam Program Submissions Rules/Guidelines

If you have any questions, please contact Principal Program Coordinators for Onam.

If you are submitting a program, we want the following details from you:

  1. Name of the program (to be printed on the brochure):
  2. Brief description (to be printed on the brochure):
  3. Name and contact phone number of the participant/team coordinator:
  4. Name of the participant(s) (to be printed on the brochure):
  5. KAW Membership ID of the participant(s):
  6. Detailed description (for MC’s use):
  7. Duration (from open curtain to close curtain):
  8. Stage prep time:
  9. Pre-performance announcement time (if done by you):
  10. Post-performance announcement time (if done by you):
  11. Stage clean up time (if required after your performance):
  12. Total program time (this is typically the sum of all of the four items above):
  13. Name of stage prep/clean up volunteer(s). (You have to bring your own volunteer(s) and only these volunteers and participants will be allowed back stage.):
  14. CD playback required? (if yes, CD must only have just your program in it, and the program name must be clearly written on top. Ideally we request you carry 2 sets of CDs.):
  15. Special light/sound request (if any):
  16. Name of the light/sound volunteer(s). (You have to bring your own.):
  17. Other special requests (we can't guarantee them, at the same time; we don't want the participants to talk directly to the stage manager or school officials. Certain requests incur a cost and we want to manage it.):
  18. Preferred program order (towards the beginning, middle, or end):

General Guidelines/Rules

  • All participants (or the parents of the participants) must be KAW members. Please take membership by September 7. Without membership no single person is allowed to participate. For group programs, team coordinator is responsible to make sure every participant is a KAW member. Please check back with us if you have questions.
  • We encourage group programs.
  • We want to give everyone a chance. So, we request that you limit your participation to at most two programs (individual or group).
  • The ideal program length is 5 minutes or less. We understand that this may not always be possible, and we will definitely work with you. Please understand that priority will be given to shorter programs.
  • We may not be able to return your CDs after playback.
  • We ask you for your preferred spot, but as you well know, we can't give the same spot to all the participants. Once the program order is finalized, we won't entertain order changes (unless prompted by extraordinary circumstances). If you are not ready at your assigned time, you will definitely risk cancellation of your program (no exceptions).
  • We reserve the right to alter the program order without notice. Again, this is not to say that we can do whatever we want, rather this is necessary if someone really has an "extraordinary circumstance" to change the order. We don't want to look powerless at that time. Hope you understand.
  • KAW reserves the right to photograph and/or videotape your program and post them on our website and social media sites
  • These guidelines may sound harsh, in fact, they are not. We were trying to be funny. Didn't you get it? :)
  • We want you guys to enjoy while performing just as much as we enjoy watching you perform. So, please work with us!

Drop Dead Dates

The following dates will be enforced so that we have enough time print brochures.
  • September 7: Last day to take KAW membership for participants. This is also the final day to submit participant list. Participant names (or their parents' names) will be checked against KAW membership directory)
  • September 13: To provide us further details on the program such as program description etc.


Q: When will this FAQ be filled up with real questions and answers?
A: When you start asking real questions frequently and when we have answers to them.

Q: Who asked the above question?
A: Nobody. We made it up to have a FAQ section in this page.