Soccer Schedule and Rules

If you have any questions, please contact KAW Sports Committee.

Participating Teams

Team Captain Points
(so far)
Chempada Santhosh Moolayil 9
Narasimham Dinesh Thomas 6
Chekavars Sreenath K 1
Padayottam Viswam C 1


Match Team 1 Team 2 Date and Time Venue
1 Chempada Narasimham August 15 5:00 PM Kent Wilson Park
2 Chekavars Padayottam August 15 6:00 PM Kent Wilson Park
3 Narasimham Padayottam August 20 7:30 PM Jonathan Hartman Park
4 Chempada Chekavars August 20 8:30 PM Jonathan Hartman Park
5 Narasimham Chekavars August 21 4:00 PM Grasslawn Park
6 Padayottam Chempada August 21 5:00 PM Grasslawn Park
Kids' Finals Team A Team B August 28 4:00 PM Grasslawn Park
Men's Finals Chempada Narasimham August 28 5:00 PM Grasslawn Park

Scores so far:

Match Team 1 Team 2 Score Scorers
1 Chempada Narasimham 5-2 Joe (3), Lijo, and Tojoy for Chempada
Shane and Sunith for Narasimham
2 Chekavars Padayottam 1-1 Amith for Chekavars
Benny for Padayottam
3 Narasimham Padayottam 5-0 Boney, Sunith, Noble, Nik and Rajesh for Narasimham
4 Chempada Chekavars 6-0 Lijo (2), Arun (2), Paul, and Joe for Chempada
5 Narasimham Chekavars 4-0 Boney, Noble, Nik, and Sunith for Narasimham
6 Padayottam Chempada 0-8 Joe (3), Pramoth (2), Joshy (2), and Santhosh for Chempada
Kids' Finals Team A Team B
Men's Finals Chempada Narasimham 2-1


  • KAW will provide officials (including line judges) for each game. The referee’s calls are final. The captains or vice-captains are the only persons talking to the referee regarding a call.
  • We can only have 18 members (maximum) on a team. Membership fee for all the members of the roster and registration fee must be paid before the first game. The roster cannot change after it is submitted. You can pay for the membership online. The membership fee is $15/family for the whole year. The captains and vice-captains are responsible for team membership and registration fee.
  • The Registration fee per team is $100.
  • We will allow unlimited substitution for every game.
  • KAW will present trophies for winners and all the individuals on the winning team and one trophy for the runner up team. There will be a golden boot (trophy, not a golden boot!) for the tournament.
  • All the games will start at the scheduled time. If a team cannot field a full-strength team, they have to start the game with the available members at the scheduled time. We booked the field according to the time slot and we have to respect that.
  • The roster needs to be done by August 13th so we can start membership verification before the tournament starts.
  • All the preliminary matches will be of total 1 hour (each half 30 min) and the final match will be of 1 hour and 30 min (each half 45 min).
  • Captains and vice-captains please communicate all this information with your team members. Please make sure they have all the soccer gear before the game.
  • We will use the following point system for preliminary matches: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for loss. Top two teams at the end of the preliminary round will advance to the finals. If there is a tie for the top two spots, then the teams with better goal difference will advance to the finals. If the men's final game is tied at the end of the regulation time, we will have 30 minutes (2 halves of 15 minutes each) and if the game is still tied, winners will be decided through penalty shootout and if needed a sudden death.
  • Let’s have a good tournament and respect each other. Please maintain the KAW community spirit.