2011 Events

  • KAW Christmas & New Year Celebrations on Jan 7th

    KAW EC's 2011's final grand show, the Christmas and New Year Grand Celebrations was held at the Sammamish High School Performing Arts Center in Bellevue. The Seattle Malayali Community celebrated the holiday season together with Santa Claus and lots of cheer!!!

    Christmas Lunch & Cultural Fest:

    The catered Dum Biriyani from "Curry Point" was so delectable that it received rave appreciation from the crowd!. The Cultural show by KAW's highly talented members began at 2.00 pm sharp. Hariprasad M & Jayashree Narayan were the MCees for the show. KAW President Tom John welcomed the audience and Rev.Fr. Binu Varghese from the Mar Thoma Church of Greater Seattle delivered the Christmas/New Year message. After Santa Claus made his entry wth lots of chocolates, the many programs including Christmas Carol, Kids Orchestra, a dashing hip-hop dance, Bharathanatyam, Folk Dances, Single Dance, Western and Malayalam Melodies, Skit (by all members of EC'2011) etc followed. Secretary KAW, Ojus John expressed Thanks to the community for their great support throughout the year 2011. The Trophies for all the Sports Tournaments & Cooking Competition were distributed at the end of the event. All the finalists from all Sports competitions this year were awarded individual trophies. Malayalam Class teachers were also felicitated during the show.

    KAW General Body Meeting & Elections to EC-2012:

    A General Body Meeting of the Oranization was held mid-way thru the Cultural Fest. A proposal to create an Ad-hoc committee to study and make recommendations for the growth of KAW was approved unanimously by all members. The Committee, comprising of nominated members from the panel of all past Presidents/Secretaries of KAW will be headed by Tom George. The other members are Jose Kunthara, Ojus John, Madhu Kangara, Paul John, PM Mathew & Thomas Abraham. Ram Pranam & Roy Mathew will serve as the co-ordinators for the Adh-hoc committee. The committee will look into various suggestions and make recommendations to the General Body by March 2012.

    The 2012 Executive committee was also chosen as part of the General Body Meeting. The 2012 Team is Biju Skariah (President), Jayashree Narayan (Secretary), PM Mathew (Treasurer), Hariprasad Manilavalappil (Vice President), Madhu Kangara (Joint Secretary), Mathew Joseph, Thomas Mudayankavil, Jacob Thomas, Rakesh Narayan, Nidhin Sreedhar, Sabitha Brijesh, Vineetha Vivek & Angela Goraphy (8 Executive Committee members). EC'2011 wishes the very best to the new EC and expresses full support for all the KAW activities of 2012.

  • Unite for "Mullaperiyar" (Candle-light Vigil)

    The Candle-light vigil was conducted at the Mahatma Gandhi statue near Ashfield Playfield next to Bellevue Public Library on Dec 17th. As we wrote this (Nov 28th), a high alert had been issued in Idduki as the water level in Mullaperiyar dam crossed 136 ft, the maximum permissible limit. The worst possible manmade disaster is expected if the 116-year old Mullaperiyar dam breaks and if it in turn leads to the collapse of Idukki Dam. In the worst case scneario, the losses to the two South Indian states Kerala and Tamilnadu will be beyond our wildest imagination.

    To raise more awareness on this grave issue, KAW organized the Candlelight Vigil & is preparing a Mass Signed Petition which will submitted to the concerned authorities in India (and the Indian Ambassador in US). Close to 35 KAW Members weathered the cold windy night and attended this function on Friday night oranized by EC team Jayashree Narayan, Ojus John & Rajagopal Margassery with support from Tom John, Ram Pranam & Sandeep Sadanandan.

  • KAW Charity Events on Dec 17th & 20th

    Details at Charity page.

  • KAW Cards (28, 56 & Rummy) Tournament

    KAW Cards Tournament held on Dec 10th broke all participation records with close to 30 folks turning up for the "28" Competition (We even had ladies representation for the first time in the Cards Tournament's history). Maybe the fact that KAW served Pizza, Hot Chicken Wings and Coke/Coffee to all participants was also a contributing factor?:)). In the "28" competition, after some exciting and highly competitive initial rounds in which both the reigning Champions and Runners-up couldn't make it to the Semis, Nicholas Shetty, Sanal Chacko & Jack Shockley defeated Sreekumar Valiathan, Tom John & Rajagopal Margassery in an extremely close first semifinal and Davis Vithayathil, Biju Skariah and Ojus John won against Vijayan, Brijesh Pothera & Sreejayan Kadankode in the second semifinal. In a tense finale, tied at 18 points each after 17 rounds, Nicholas, Sanal & Jack won against Davis, Biju & Ojus by a single point in the 18th round to grab the first place in the "28" category with Davis, Biju & Ojus finishing as runners-up. In the "56" competition, PM Mathew, George Daniyel (Riyos) & Thomas Titus won against Biju Skariah, Ojus John & Sebastian Vithayathil in the first Semi and Vijayan, Brijesh Potehra & Sreejayan Kadankode won against Hariprasad Manilavalappil, Santhosh Padiyath & Viswam Changarath. In the Finals, Vijayan, Brijesh & Sreejayan won against PM, Riyos and Thomas to win the 1st place. In the closely contested Rummy competition, PM mathew won the championship with Rakesh Narayan second and Viswam Changarath finishing as third. Congratulations to the Winners and all the participants. Special thanks to John Titus & Mathew Titus for the venue and cards respectively. Kudos to KAW Cards Coordinators Ojus John & Viswam Changarath for organizing the Tournament and also to EC members Tom John & Sandeep Sadanandan for the support.

  • KAW Chess Tournament

    In the KAW Chess Tournament held on Dec 4th, reigning champion Hariprasad Manilavalappil retained the championship defeating Biju Skariah in the Finals. While Biju gave a great fight, the experience of Hariprasad came in handy at crucial junctures. In the kids under 10 category, Roshan Biju Skariah won the title and Elma Oommen finished as Runner-up. In the kids above-10 category,Rohan Biju Skariah won the title & Mevin Santhsh finshed second. While there was no lack of quality in the Tournament, it'll be great to see more participation in this fine brain-game. Thanks to KAW Chess Coordinators Mathew Raju & Ojus John.

  • Super Stageshow "Akkarakazhchakal"

    On popular demand, KAW presented the second live stage-show if the year, the popular "Akkara Kazhchakal" on Sunday Nov 13th 4.00 pm at the Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center. The hilarious "Akkara Kazhchakal", an internationally acclaimed comedy show revolving around a typical Malayali Immigrant Family in America with it's simple and clever humor with inter-generational family situations was a peachy treat for the Seattle Malayalees. A dandy evening filled with laughter and joy with a classical dance and 3 melodious songs coming as the surprise package along with the Five uproarious skits. KAW President Tom John welcomed the audience & KAW Vice President Rajagopal Margassery expressed the Vote of Thanks. KAW Secretary Ojus John was the MCee for the show. It was a nice touch to see Thekkummoottil Insurance "Georgekutty", "Appachen", "Gregory", "Rinsy", "Mahi" and others interacting with the audience immediately after the show. Vegetarian Snacks was made available for purchase at a nominal cost. KAW also arranged onsite Child Care Free-of-cost. KAW Youth Wing team led by Shruti Hariprasad, Tushara John, Vinitha Vithayathil & Angela Goraphy were in charge of keeping the kids entertained with Movies, Coloring sets etc while their parents were laughing out loud:). KAW also organized a Bone Marrow Drive at the venue to help Amit Gupta (CA). Thanks to our caring community, there was no shortage of volunteers. Details at Charity page.

    We would like to thank the community for making the show an unprecendented success. Many of you mentioned that this was probably the best show ever...In terms of financial success also, the show was right up there with the best. Special thanks to our Gold Sponsor - "Emirates Airlines" (soon inaugurating direct flights to Kerala from Seattle), our Grand Sponsors - "Malayalam IP TV" & "Spice Route Restaurant" and all other sponsors. Your support was massive to the great fiscal success of the show. If you have any questions/comments about the show, please email KAW Secretary at secretary@kaow.org. Thanks again!!!

  • KAW Charity Drive for Ajan MS

    Details at Charity page.

  • KAW Volleyball Tournament

    KAW Volleyball Tournament was held on Nov 5th at the Tukwila Community Center from 8.00 am. A record seven teams - DreamTeam, Kavalachattambies, Dashers, JosTeam, Kent Idiyans, Pantham Koluthi Pada (PKP) and Thattikkoottu Team - participated in the Tournament. Teams played each other once to decide the last four. In the first Semifinals, 4-time champions Dinesh Thomas's DreamTeam who won all their league games was pitted against Dashers, who lost two qualifying games by a whisker to reach the Semis as 4th. While the Dashers team excellently anchored by captain Rajesh Nanu matched DreamTeam well, the power game of DreamTeam was good enough to take them to Finals by (21-16),(21-13). The second semifinals was a humdinger with fortunes seesawing...The first set was won by Kavalachattambies but JosTeam led from front by their powerful skip Jose Mathew came back to win the second set to even it out. In the all important final set, Kavalachattambies raised their game at key moments with powerful smashes aided by Nithin firing from the front to clinch the match (21-17),(18-21),(21-17). Kavalachattambies led by ever-dependable Suresh Chellappan got off to a wilder than "dreams" start in the finals leading 11-2 in large part due to the brilliant Nimesh Sethumadhavan's astounding service. Defending Champions DreamTeam rallied back egged on by Boney Mathew's stunning smashes and the game was tantalisingly posied at 22 all; It was Kavalachattambies who held their nerve better to wrest the first set (24-22). In Soccer terms, the match was akin to watching a Brazil Vs Germany/Italy game with DreamTeam's incredible power and flair matching horns with the outstanding defence and strategic game/positioning of Kavalachattambies. Second set was no stranger to another close affair with Joby Titus's & Shane Daniel's rallying calls galvanizing DreamTeam. Led by the cool as cucumber setter Dinesh, DreamTeam surged to a slender lead. A crucial timeout while trailing 9-11 helped Kavalachattambies regroup with Sreedeep, Vivek & Rakesh particularly effective after the restart. The superior bench strength of Kavalachattambies showed with replacements seamlessly slotting in. Backed by their passionate bench, Kavalachattambies closed out the pulsating game at (21-18) to emerge as wizards of 2011. Summing it up, it was a case of who wanted it most, just like the Soccer Tournament... Congratulations to Kavalachattambies, the Volleyball Champions of 2011 & to DreamTeam, Runners-up for 2011. KAW President Tom John & Treasurer PM Mathew presented the trophies to the victorious teams. Kudos to KAW Volleyball Coordinators Sandeep Sadanandan & Ojus John for arranging a great tournament.

  • KAW Badminton Tournament

    KAW Badminton Tournament was held at SeaTac Community Center on Oct 29th. A record 16 teams battled it out for the coveted Men's Doubles championship. Shyju Abraham & Graim George won this year's championship defeating Thambu Zk & Rahul Varrier in a fantastic finale. Singles crown went to Arun Veetil & Ajith Titus finished as Runner-up. Ladies Doubles was won by Sabitha Brijesh & Priya Rajesh; Angelina Nair & Tanya grabbed the second spot. Women's Singles was won by Angelina Nair. Sabitha Brijesh finished runner-up and Gopika Panicker 3rd. Special thanks to Mathew Titus for helping with the logistics. Kudos to KAW Badminton Coordinators Shyju Abraham, Sandeep Sadanandan, PM Mathew & Ojus John for conducting a great Tournament with such high participation rate.

  • Movie "Doctor Love" On October 15th Saturday

    KAW featured this Movie at 2.00 pm @ Kirkland Totem Lake Cinema . Starring Kunjakko Bobban and Bhavana in lead roles, the movie Dr. Love is a romantic story in a college setting. The support cast included Manikkuttan, Innocent, Salim Kumar, Vijayaraghavan, Nedumudi Venu etc. . Though this was a hit Movie in Kerala, it evoked only lukewarm response from the Seattle crowd:)).


  • KAW Malayalam Classes started on Sep 25th

    Owing to the overwhelming response, we started Two divisions for Malayalam Classes! (Offered FREE by KAW). Details at Services page.

  • KAW Onam MegaEvent

    The signature event of the KAW Calendar, the Onam Megaevent was held at the Auburn PAC on September 24th. The number of attendees for the event exceeded even our wildest calculations. We issued more than 710 tickets not counting kids under 10 which made the Onam gathering the greatest ever by the Malayalees of Northwest. Great thanks to the Reception/Registration team -Tom John, PM Mathew & Seema Anil (EC team). Mili George Ojus, Angela Goraphy & Sruthi Hariprasad & Jayashree Narayanan deserves special praise for the exquisite Pookkalam.

    Onam Sadhya:

    KAW's grand OnamSadhya served on a paper banana leaf with all the nostalgic Onam dishes and 2 types of "Payasams" was served from 11.30 am till 2.00 pm (KAW conducts the OnamSadhya by arranging a Mega Potluck by member families where each family brings a vegetarian dish for ~25 people).Our thanks starts with the Potluck Coordinators led by Kalpana Hariprasad and Vidya Sreekumar,Sandhya Raj, Beena Nair, Seema Anil, Asha Pranam, Moni Daniel & Santhi John. The 200+ families who brought all those delectable dishes, we salute you!

    It's beyond belief that we served food to that many people in close to 2 hours. Great thanks to the OnamSadhya team - Ojus John, Ram Pranam, Santhosh Nair, Shyju Abraham & Viswam Changarath (EC team) and the incredible volunteers - Paul Babu, Sreejith Radhakrishnan, Girish Sarma (These three folks came just to serve OnamSadhya and left at 2!!!), Anand Menon, Arunkumar Chacko, Prasanth Kesavan, Santhosh Moolayil, Dinesh S, Brijesh Pothera, Roopesh K, Aby Tharamattathil, Biju Kizhakketh, Prajinesh Jayan, Anish Paadath, Arun Veettil, Arun Mathew, Sreekumar Valiathan, Boney Mathew, Thomas Mudayankavil, Vinod Menon, Sreejith, Nicel Porathur, Renjith Nair, Sonimon James, Hariprasad Manilavalappil, Nirmal, Anil Shanmugham, Aneesh G Nair, Rakesh Narayanan, Rakesh N, Geevan George, Sebastian Poulose, Rajesh Nanoo, Vinod Munuswamy, Lijo Varghese, Ashwin Kamath, Dinesh Kannadath, Vishnu Viswanathan, Vivek Moolayil etc ((This list may be INCOMPLETE. Please let Ojus John know at ojus.john@gmail.com any names we may have missed). KAW's leaders of yesteryears - George Daniyel (Riyos), Paul K John, Wilson David, Babu Parayil, Aniyan Mattamel, Madhu Kangara, Suresh Goraphy & Suja Wilson were at the forefront of servers.

    Onam Cultural Fest:

    The Cultural Show began with Welcome Speech by KAW President Mr. Tom John, followed by Mahabali making a grand entrance. KAW EC member Mr. Roy Mathew delivereed the Onam Message. 20+ eye-catching programs followed with gorgeous dances, beautiful songs and entertaining skits. KAW also presented the trophies for Cricket, Soccer, Throwball, Karshakashree and felicitated 9 High School graduates at the function. The programs ended with KAW Secretary Mr. Ojus John's Vote of Thanks and a rasping "Vallam Kali" program. The Program committee did an outstanding job to stage the big number of programs without any delays at all. Great thanks to the Program team - Rajagopal Margassery, Jayashree Narayanan, Kalpana Hariprasad, Roy Mathew & Sandeep Sadanandan(EC team) who received great support from Sreeprakash Peringhat, Vivek Nair, Boney Mathew & Renjith Nair. Nimesh Sethumadhavan, Vineeta Menon (MCees) & Mahesh Kamath (Maveli) deserves special mention.

    KAW sponsors OnamSadhya for all Gandhibhavan inmates:

    While we were workinng hard to serve a great sadhya to the hundreds of Malayalees of Northwest, we didn't forget our not so fortunate brotheren in our motherland. We announce with great pride and satisfaction that KAW EC has sponsored a grand OnamSadhya for the 600+ dwellers of Gandhibhavan's various segments. KAW President Tom John handed over a check for 20,000 Indian Rupees (About 500 dollars) on behalf of KAW EC 2011-12..If you would lke to know more details or if you've any questions/feedback about the Onam Mega-event, send an email to Onam Event Manager Ojus John at ojus.john@gmail.com.

  • KAW KarshakaShree Contest & Group Farming

    KAW proudly initiated a KarshakaShree competition this year to keep up the great spirit and nostalgic heritage of agriculture ("krishi") alive in our community. Registration was absolutely FREE!!. KAW appointed judging committee (Sreejayan Kadankode, Shyju Abraham & PM Mathew) visited the gardens to evaluate. In an fascinating contest, Mathew Joseph (Rajan) scored 8.75 points to emerge the winner. George Daniel (Riyos) and Santhosh Nair finished a very close second scoring 8.25 points each. Congratulations to the winners & thanks to all the participants and judges.

    Judgement Criteria:
    i) Diversity of crop - 40% ii) Health of Crop - 40% iii) Aesthetic Beauty - 20%.

    In association with the contest, KAW also launched a Historic Group Farming initiative this year. We leased the land in Kent, and cultivated a few crops. The idea was for us to nurture something together and all the crops (More than 60 pounds of vegetables - Cucumber, Carrots, Potatoes, Chillies, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Melons, Sunflowers etc) went to support the local food banks. This is probably the very first intiative of such kind in the history of all Malayali organizations in US. If you have any questions about the KAW Group Farming, please contact Coordinators Tom John at tomsjohn@yahoo.com or Ojus John at ojus.john@gmail.com.

  • KAW Women's Throwball Tournament

    This year's Women's Throwball title goes to "Red Chillies" Team. Only only team registered for the Tournament and KAW EC has decided to award the championship to the registered team. Congrats to Red Chillies - Priya Rajesh (C), Sabitha Brijesh, Anjana Vinod, Prema Viswam, Sruthi Hariprasad, Pallavi Vinod, Devina Arun & Meena Prasanth. KAW would like to urge our women folks to come out and participate in the tournaments in large numbers just like our men folks. If have any questions about the event, email KAW Throwball Coordinators Sandeep Sadanandan sanduks@gmail.com and Viswam Changarath vchangarath@comcast.net or Ojus John at secretary@kaow.org.

  • KAW Soccer Tournament

    KAW Soccer Festival started on July 31st with 4 teams - the prevailing champions, the legendary "Chempada", the prevailing runners-up, the youthfully vibrant "AeroControls FC", the spunky "Chekavers" and the gritty "Padayottam". The Teams played each other once with a place in the much anticipated Final Match awaiting the two teams with most points. Each win carried 3 points, draw 1 and loss 0 points. While Padayottam and Chekavers showed great fight and grit, especially Chekavers who lost out on a finals spot by goal difference, it was the 2-time champions Chempada FC Vs 2-time Champions AeroControls FC in the finals of the 5th edition of KAW Soccer Championship. For results of preliminary matches and Group Table, click here.

    Kids Recreational Soccer Tournament was organized just before the Finals. 20 future soccer stars aged between 4-15 battled out under the teams "Brazil" and "Argentina" with the contest ending at a 4-4 draw with Hemant Kalathil, Vishnu Viswanathan, Roshan Biju Skariah & Vivek Moolayil particularly impressive. All the kids walked away with attractive gift packets from KAW. KAW Vice-President RajaGopal Margassery & KAW Treasurer PM Mathew handed over the gift packets.

    The great friendly footballing rivalry which started in 2007 continued...The Finals between Chempada FC led by Joshy Joseph & AeroControls FC led by Shane Daniel, the 5th straight finals between these soccer powerhouses kicked off at Hartman Park on August 14th at 6.30 pm. The crunching tackles and the physical game of the younger AeroControls FC handed them the initiative in the first 20 minutes of the game and AeroControls went 1-0 up thanks to a precision penalty kick by Dinesh Thomas. Chempada slowly came back to the match with Chempada's Pramoth and Joe becoming more influential in the game. A superb header by Chempada Captain Joshy brought the game back to level terms at 1-1. After half-time, it was Chempada who took control with Arun Mathew going close with a diving header. But, at the 70th minute mark, a swift counter attacking move and a defensive lapse cost Chempada dear with AeroControls going up 2-1. AeroControls took ascendancy and soon scored a third goal from another defensive mistake by Chempada, Sunith the beneficiary making it 3-1. Chempada rallied back with Joshy leading the way scoring again after a goal mouth scramble to make it tantalisingly poised at 3-2. End-to-End battle followed. But maybe Chempada left it a little too late with referee Michaal Doran blowing the full whistle to start wild celebrations from AeroControls FC bench. It seemed as if the capacity crowd didn't want the fascinating encounter between these two brilliant sides to end, with Joby Titus for AeroControls and Santhosh Moolayil for Chempada putting in talismanic shifts...

    Congratulations to AeroControls FC, the Soccer Champions of 2011 ("Black" jersey in the below photo)- Shane Daniel(C), Joby Titus, Dinesh Thomas, Boney Mathew, Rajesh Mathew, Jerrin Mathew, Binni Thomas, Nabu Thomas, Noble Mathew, Nelvin Mathew, Jack Shockley, Dominique Munjanuttu, Mathew Titus, Reji Vengalil, Sanil Chacko, Sunith Chacko, Nic Shetye, Devin, Sanoj Titus & Manoj Titus and to Chempada FC, Runners-up for 2011 - Joshy Joseph (C), Pramoth Ramakrishnan, Santhosh Moolayil, Jacob Thomas, Prajinesh Jayan, Ojus John, Paul Babu, Arun Mathew, Anand Asher, Benny Parayil, Nidhish Raj, Vinod Munuswamy, Gijo George, Lijo Varghese, Tijoy Tom & Prasanth Kesavan. KAW Secretary & Soccer Coordinator Ojus John along with FOMAA Leader PM Mathew, Soccer Coordinators Viswam Changarath & Sandeep Sadanandan handed over the trophies.

             MOVIE     MOVIE

    KAW expresses thanks to Boney Mathew - All State Insurance - for sponsoring the trophies for the KAW Soccer Tournament. KAW Soccer 2011 Co-ordinators Ojus John, Viswam Changarath & Sandeep Sadanandan would like to thank all the players and supporters for helping us organize this great soccer festival. Please send us your feedback to secretary@kaow.org.

  • KAW Cricket Tournament

    The biggest Sporting extravaganza of the KAW's calendar year and the greatest Malayali Cricketing spectacle of Northwest USA was held on July 16th, 23rd & 30th. A mind-boggling Eight teams battled it out for the Men's Championship --> Reigning Champions, the brilliant "Pulikkoottam" (Ojus John(C)), reigning Runners-up, the phenomenal "Pattalam"(Varghese Thomas(C)), the awesome "Kavalam Chundan"(Shiby Chacko(C)), the spirited "Seattle Koottukar"(Binu Purayil(C)), the powerful "Seattle Chekavers"(Santhosh Pillai(C)), the mighty "Kavala Chattambis"(Anil Shanmugham(C)), the dark horses "Undertakers"(Neil.G. Thomas(C)) and the rejuvenated "PKS"(Joshy Joseph(C)).... The Teams were divided into groups of 4 each (picked by random drawing at the Captain's Meeting on July 7th). After the initial rounds, Pulikkoottam and Koottukaar made it to semi finals from Group-A and Undertakers along with Kavalachattambis from Group-B. While PKS performed way above expectations, Pattalam's exit who were severly handicapped by injuries to almost all their main players came as a shock. 2009 Champions Kavaalam & Seattle Chekavers fought well, but missed out on the semifinal spot. For results of preliminary matches and Group Tables, click here

    Both the semifinals followed similar patterns. In the first semifinals, after an astonishing start (34/1) in 6 overs when Vivek in particular and Nimesh made telling contributions, Kavalachattambies collapsed to 49 all out to a match-turning bowling spell by Pulikkoottam captain Ojus John, well supported by Prasanth. Although Rakesh, Anil & Suresh bowled superbly, Pulikkoottam batting led by the peerless Ram and brilliantly sustained by Matt, Anand & Vinod won the game by 5 wickets. In the second semifinals, after an excellent start of 29/0 in 6 overs by the amazing Arun Chacko & Sreekumar, Koottukaar couldn't sustain the momentum and was all out for 47 with Renjith the pick of the bowlers. Led by Renjith & the ever-dependable Anand Asher, Undertakers won by 6 wickets withstanding a supreme spell of pace bowling by one of the outstanding bowlers of the tournament, Binu Purayil.

    In the Finals, when the youthful vigor of "Undertakers" locked horns with the brilliance of "Pulikkoottam", Undertakers led by Neil.G.Thomas won the toss and elected to field against Pulikkoottam led by Ojus John. Eventhough Undertakers thrilled the many spectators with some unbelievably acrobatic fielding, the Pulikkoottam openers Matt and Ram laid a rock solid foundation which was sustained by the elegant batsmanship of Anand Menon & Joe. Braving good spells by Neil and Sanoj, Ram once again emerged the top-scorer with Pulikkoottam finishing at a commanding 89/6 in the allotted 16 overs. In reply, Undertakers were rocked by the wickets of their prolific opener Nikky Stephen and Renjith who was caught and bowled by a stunning catch by Prasanth. Though the in-form Anand Asher tried a great rearguard action in company of Prabhu, the Pulikkoottam bowling led by Rajesh, Prashanth, Ojus & Joe and supported by good fielding by Vinod with 2 catches & Ram with a direct hit confirmed the match in favor of Pulikkoottam who won the game by 34 runs.

    Congratulations to Team Pulikkoottam , the Cricket CHAMPIONs of 2011("Red" jersey in the below photo) - Ojus John (C), Prasanth Kesavan, Jacob Thomas (Joe), Rajesh Nanoo, Anand Menon, Ramakrishnan Chittoor, Mathew Raju (Matt), Vinod Munuswamy, Viswam Changarath, Anup Reghunathan and to Team Undertakers, Runners-up for 2011 - Neil G Thomas (C), Sanoj Varghese, Nikky Stephen, Anand Asher, Prashanth Nair, James Mathew, Sheshan V, Ranjith Mukundan, Prabhudas, Gigo George, Thomas P Thomas, Varghese Chacko, Lijo Varghese for a great game of cricket. KAW Treasurer & FOMAA Leader PM Mathew and Vice President Rajagopal Margassery distributed the trophies.

             MOVIE     MOVIE

    The Women's Tournament title by default went to "Garudaas" led by one of the best women all-rounders, Sabitha Brijesh. Garudaz team featured Sabitha Brijesh (C), Jayalaxmi Rajagopal, Rija Pradeep, Roshna Nimesh, Pallavi, Anjana Raveendran, Angela Goraphy & Shruti Hariprasad. The women's recreational match arranged by KAW just before the Men's Finals was a nail-biter with batting star Jayalaxmi Rajagopal clinching the winning runs of the last ball of the match!.


    On all three days, KAW special thattukada selling delectable Kerala Food - Appam/Kozhikkary, Kappa/Meen, Iddli/Sambar, Chicken Biriyani, Cutlet, Pazhampori, Sambharam etc at nominal rates was made available and added to the festive atmosphere. KAW Cricket Co-ordinators Mathew Raju, Sandeep Sadanandan, Rajagopal Margassery & Ojus John would like to thank all the players and supporters in helping us conduct the greatest Malayali Cricketing event of the Northwest so well.

  • KAW Tennis Tournament (July 9th Saturday)

    KAW Tennis Tournament was conducted on July 9th at the Bothell Skyview Jr School Tennis Courts. Entry was FREE for the event and KAW also served delicious snacks to all the competitors thanks to EC member Kalpana Hariprasad. Men's singles Finals was won by Arun AV defeating Binu Purayil in a very close match. Arun & Hariprasad Manilavalappil won the Doubles event and Sreekumar Valiathan and Shiby Chacko came second. Women's Singles was won by Sabitha Brijesh while Sruthi Hariprasad finished Runners-up. Sabitha & Anjana Vinod won the Women's Doubles. Thanks to Shyju Abraham & Ojus John for planning and to Shyju, Kalpana, PM Mathew & Santosh Nair for coordinating the event. Click here for photos from the event (thanks to Shiby Chacko).

  • KAW Annual Picnic (June 25th Saturday)

    Close to 200 KAW members joined this fun-filled completely FREE event at one of the finest parks in the region, the Lake Sammamish State Park...We�d some awesome activities for adults and kids - Treasure Hunt, Elephant Bouncy house, Volleyball, Musical Chairs, Lemon & Spoon Race and to top it off a super Tug of War contest. Hungry souls cooled it off with Cotton Candies, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fruits, Chips, Soft Drinks....KAW thanks all the self-less EC members and the dedicated volunteers, especially the the "Master of all KAW Picnics", George Daniel (Reos). Special kudos to KAW Students Wing leaders Sruthi Hariprasad & Pooja Viswanathan also for taking completely charge of cotton candy machine for kids. Together we made it a great day to cherish... Click here for photos from the event (thanks to Biju Skariah)

  • Super-hit Movie "Urumi" (June 4th Saturday 1.30 pm)

    KAW presented the super-hit Movie "Urumi" starring Prithviraj, Arya, Prabhudeva, Vidya Balan, Genelia, Tabu etc at Kirkland Totem Lake Cinema (12232 Totem Lake Way, Kirkland 98034). More than 150 KAW members came to watch the movie in which one of our very own, former KAW member Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan (JP) did a cameo role too. Thanks for the support.

                                                      KAW MOVIE

  • KAW Mother's Day celebrations (May 15th Sunday from 3.00 pm at Marthoma Church Hall, Kent)

    KAW celebrated this year's Mother's Day with many fun programs designed for Men, Women and children alike...Entry was free and Snacks was served to all KAW members. KAW President Tom John welcomed the audience, St. Thomas Marthoma Church Vicar Rev. Fr. Binu Varghese inaugurated the event and Mrs. Doodu Titus gave the Mother's Day message. Four girls from KAW Students Wing formed the MCEE team - Angela Goraphy, Megin Parayil, Pooja Viswanathan & Shruti Hariprasad. Let's take a peak at the various events.

    a. Talent Fest:
    - It was a great occassion for all kids to dance (like no-one's watching), sing, tell stories and dress up (fancy dress!). There were a total of 17 programs to entertain the crowd. Rajagopal Margassery, Jayashree Narayan & Seema Anil conducted the talent fest with great coordination. Photos will be posted soon. ALL the Kids who participated were given prizes. ( Email secretary@kaow.org if you couldn't collect yours).

    b. Cooking Contest:
    - The much anticipated Cooking Contest was held in five categories (Appetizers, Main Dish (Veg), Main Dish (Non-Veg), Desserts & "Payasam" competition, with the most heated competition not surprisigly coming in the Main Dish Non-Veg category. The Judges were Vineetha Parammel, Latha Santhosh, Gracy & Leela. KAW EC members Viswam Changarath & Sandeep Sadanandan helped coordinate the event. Marks were based on taste (out of 60), creativity in recipe (out of 15), presentation/decoration (out of 15) and creativity in naming (out of 10). More than 20 contestants put their culinary skills to test with scrumptious dishes like Mutton Curry, Bite Fiesta, Bird's Nest, Dates Night, Mothiram Appam, Jackfruit Parfait, Queen Maffle, Palada Prathaman, Beef Kurumulakittathu, Aval Payasam, Fish Biriyani, Kuzhikkotta, Nivedhyam etc. Download a few recipes here.
    The Winners are:
    "Appetizers"        FIRST: Femi Jojo         SECOND: Sini Sandeep
    "Veg Main Dish"  FIRST: Hali George    
    "Non-Veg Main"   FIRST: Moni Daniel     SECOND: Saramma Titus
    "Dessert"              FIRST: Anu Nithin    
    "Payasam"           FIRST: Moni Daniel     SECOND: Anu Nithin

    c.Identify the AD:
    - Jayalaxmi Syamala conducted this unique "Identify the AD" contest where contestants had to identify ADs from background music.
    The Winners are: FIRST: Hali George     SECOND: Rija Rajan

    d. JAM (Just a Minute):
    - Just a Minute evoked lots of laughter and plenty of playfight between the seven contestants for the right to speak! (Isn't that guaranteed by law?:)))Girish Sarma & Boney Mathew conducted the contest with aplomb. Former KAW Presidents Santhosh Nair & George Daniel distributed the prizes.
    The Winners are: FIRST: Renju Prakash   SECOND: Jojo Chalissery

    e. Coloring Competition
    - KAW Youth led by Tushara Tom organized a coloring competition for young kids.

    f. Themed Anthakshari:
    - Five teams participated in this awesome Athankshari contest compered very well by Hariprasad Manilavalappil & Jayalaxmi Syamala with Shyju Abraham & Rajagopal in support. A tie-breaker round was needed find out the eventual winners. Audience team led by KAW President Tom John's wife Santhi also made their mark! EC members Viswam, Sandeep, Shyju & Roy distributed the prizes. The winners are:
    FIRST     : Pradeep Chellappan, Dinesh Kannadath, Suresh Chellapan, Divya Suresh & Indulekha Sandeep
    SECOND: Pramoth Ramakrishnan, Latha Santhosh, Dhanya Pramoth, Femy Jojo & Jojo Chalissery

    KAW Treasurer PM Mathew delivered the Vote of Thanks. The event was concluded a bit late around 6.45 pm with some hit songs by KAW's ever-green singer Joy Thykkoottathil. KAW Thanks prime co-ordinators Rajagopal, Jayashree, Ojus and all EC members/volunteers for successfully conducting this event. Click here for photos from the event (thanks to Biju Skariah). .

  • KAW Educational Seminar (May 7th Saturday from 2.00 pm at Redmond Library)

    This pathbreaking seminar, the first time in the history of KAW was attended by 45+ members who were treated to a much cherished learning experience. The external speakers Ms. Kripa Upadhyay & Ms. Paula Bishop gave excellent presentations and clarified a lot of doubts for the attendees. KAW Event coordinators Ojus John & Jayashree Narayan along with Ram Pranam, Rajagopal Margassery, Seema Anil, Sandeep Sadanandan and Mathew Raju also addressed the Audience and clarified any question on the various new initiatives by KAW. One of the highlights was the formal inauguration of KAW Students and Youth Wing. Visit the Services Page for Post Actions from the Seminar.

    Seminar Detailed Schedule was:
    2.00 pm : Welcome Address
    2.02 pm : Seminar on Citizenship/ Sponsorship/Immigration issues - by Ms. Kripa Upadhyay
    2.30 pm : Seminar/Lecture on Living Wills/Trusts - by Ms. Kripa Upadhyay
    2.50 pm : Q & A, Short Break
    3.00 pm : Seminar on GET Program/Student Loans & Student Aid - by Ms. Paula Bishop, CPA
    3.40 pm : Q & A
    3.45 pm : Presentation of KAW Legal/Immigration Cell Charter, Discussions & Ratification
    3.55 pm : Presentation of KAW Career Center Charter, Discussions & Ratification
    4.10 pm : Presentation of KAW Helpline Charter, Discussions & Ratification
    4.20 pm : Presentation of KAW Medical Helpline Charter, Discussions & Ratification
    4.25 pm : Official Kick-off of KAW Youth Wing & KAW Students Wing
    4.30 pm : Vote of Thanks.

  • KAW Mega Stageshow on April 29th Friday 7.00 pm

    KAW presented "Megashow 2011 - with Pazhassiraja Team" on at Renton HAZEN School on April 29th at 7.00 pm. The show featured the versatile Manoj K Jayan, the brilliant Padmapriya, Asianet Bluff master fame Ramesh Pisharody, Actor Suresh Krishna, the vivacious Rimy Tomy, the crowd-pleasing Pradeep Babu, Dance star Subi etc. Close to 500 KAW members attended a fun-filled evening of Dance, Comedy & Music. Thank you for your great feedback about the Show and your postive comments for the oranizers/volunteers. Quite a few has also written in to mention that the food served at the venue was excellent. We are also very proud to report that we've surpassed all our financial goals while planning this show and this should act as a spring-board for the plentitude of events to come this year. Kudos to KAW's tireless volunteers for making this possible. Many of you has also been inquiring about the possibility of conducting more stageshows this year and we are actively exploring that possibility. Once again, thanks to each of you, our Grand Sponsor Malayalam IP TV and all our Partners.Show Photos will be posted soon.

    Looking back...:

  • KAW Kerala Election Prediction Contest:

    A lot of enthusiasts predicted the results, but only a few got close to the actual result of 72-68-0(UDF-LDF-BJP/Other). Ram Pranam who preditcted 73-67-0 won this contest edging out Nidhish Raj & Ojus John who came close.

  • KAW Cricket World Cup Prediction Contest:

    Grazing the cricket fever which enfulfed the Indian diaspora, KAW conducted a World Cup Cricket - Winner & Runner-up - Prediction Contest for members. The contest ended on March 22nd just before the quarter finals started. A total of 18 KAW members predicted the Winners. Out of the 18 winners, Brijesh PK won the first prize thru a lucky drawing held on April 29th during the KAW Stageshow.

  • Movie "Best Actor":

    KAW's first program for the year 2011-12 was the Mammootty-starrer Movie "Best Actor" which was presented on March 26th 1.30 pm at Kirkland Totem Lake Cinema. This hilarious comedy entertainer amused more than 120 members and families..Thank you for your support.


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