2012 Events

  • KAW Christmas and New Year program
    Date:        Saturday, January 12th
    Time:         01:30 PM
    Venue:     Newport High School Bellevue

    KAW rounded out the year with a very successful Christmas and New Year celebrations on Sunday, January 12 th, 2012 at the Newport High School in Bellevue. Boxed Biriyani catered from Curry Point was served followed by our Cultural Programs and a re-designed Election process for KAW 2013 EC.

    During the program, KAW members were introduced to the new 2013 KAW executive committee - Mrs. Doodu Titus (President), Mr. Santhosh Nair (Vice President), Mrs. Jayashree Narayanan (Secretary), Miss. Angela Goraphy (Joint Secretary), Mrs. Kalpana Hari Prasad (Treasurer), Mr. Biju Skariah (Ex-Officio), Mr. Arun Veetil, Mr. Thomas Mudayankavil, Mr. Soorajlal Vanaja, Mr. Anish Swaminathan, Mr. Pramod M.A, Mr. P.M. Mathew, Miss. Tushara John, Mr. Rejul Bejoy

    Thanks to all the volunteers and participants and a special mention of thanks to the Nominating Committee for their excellent work.

  • Christmas cake competition
    This year, KAW proudly presented a competition for the holiday season. Cake competition for ladies kicked off this year's Christmas and New Year programs.

  • Christmas Pulkoodu competition
    Pulkoodu competition was run on weeks leading to Xmas and New Year program. Our EC members drove to competition participants and evaluated the results.

  • Cards - 28
    Date:        Saturday, December 15th
    Time:           10:00 AM
    Venue:     Sammamish Library

    KAW 28 Cards game was held on 12/15 Saturday. Thuruppugulan team (Biju Skariah, Ojus John & Davis Vithayathil) came first taking this year’s championship. Jacks team (Hari Prasad, Jojo Challissery, Pramoth Ramakrishan) became the runner-up for this year. Congratulations to the winners…

  • Cards - 56
    Date:        Saturday, December 8th
    Time:           9:00 AM
    Venue:     Crossroads Mall

    KAW 56 Cards game finals were held on 12/15 Saturday, while preliminary rounds were heldon 12/08. Ashwamedham team ( Kalapana Hari, Prema Viswam and Sabitha Brijesh) came first taking this year’s championship. Metro team [PM Mathew, George Daniel (Reos) & Paul John (Roshan)] became the runner-up for this year. Congratulations to the winners…

  • Cards - Rummy
    Date:        Sunday, December 2nd
    Time:           12:45 PM
    Reg ends:   12:45 PM
    Venue:     Crossroads Mall

    Rummy Tournament was held on 12/2/2012 at the Cross Roads Mall in Bellevue. From two groups that initially played (from a total of 15 players), 7 players was promoted to the final round.

    Biju Kunneth became this year’s Rummy Champion and PM Mathew became the runner up for this year. Congratulations to the winners !!

  • Chess
    Date:        Sunday, November 18th
    Venue:     Crossroads Mall

    In “Kids under 10 Years” Category, Roshan Skariah (9 years) and Anirudh Nair (Achu) (8 years) fought the finals (best of 3) and Roshan came first and Achu became second.

    In the “Kids 10 years & above” Category, Rohan Skariah (12 Years) and Elma Oomen (10 years) fought the finals (best of 3) and Rohan came first and Elma came second.

    In the ADULTS category after the initial knock out round, Hari Prasad (Last year’s Champion), Rohan Skariah, Shiby Chacko & Biju (Last year’s Runner up) came to SEMI Finals. After many furious games, Hari and Rohan got promoted to finals. In the FINALS (Best of 3), Rohan Skariah (12 years) became this year’s KAW Chess CHAMPION after winning 2 games out of 3. Hari Prasad became the Runner up.

  • KAW Volleyball 2012
    Date:        Saturday, November 10th
    Venue:     Tukwila Community Center

    Bump, Set, Spike!

    2012 KAW Volleyball Tournament saw a total of 7 teams compete for the prestigious KAW cup. It was evident from the close matches in round-robin that no team was a clear favorite.

    While teams Padaveeran, Mayavis and Fearless Warriors fought hard, they were unable to move into semis. First semi saw Ball Busters led by Jose Mathew take on 5 member Mallu Hit Squad led by Shane Daniel. The game went on to 3rd set with Mallu Hit Squad moving into the finals. Second semi saw reigning champions Kavalachattambies led by Suresh Chellappan take on Rajesh Nanoo's Serve-ivors. This game too went to 3rd set. In the end, the underdogs kept their nerve and put an end to ex-champions' dreams of making it into the finals.

    Finals saw 2 teams with contrasting styles go for the cup. In the end it was the Mallu Hit Squad, with their power play, who took the game away from Serve-ivors to be named 2012 KAW Volleyball Champions.

  • Malayalam Movie Run Baby Run
    Show Times:  Friday, October 26th 8:00PM;
                           Saturday, October 27th 5:00PM
                           Sunday, October 28th 3:00PM
    Venue:           Roxy Cinema, Renton

    KAW and Roxy Cinema proudly presents 2012 hit movie Run Baby Run starring Mohanlal. Please head to Roxy Cinema for more details.

    Kindly note that this movie will follow Roxy Cinema's ticket pricing. This will ensure that Malayalees in WA will get more movie options than before.

  • KAW Onam Celebrations
    Date:        Saturday, September 29th
    Time:       11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Venue:     Auburn Performing Arts Center
    Address: 700 E Main St Auburn, WA

    The biggest get together of Malayalees in WA is just around the corner. On Saturday, September 29th, KAW will hold this year's Onam celebrations in Auburn PAC. The festivities will kick off with a sumptuous OnaSadya (potluck) followed by various cultural programs.

    The Mega OnaSadhya (Potluck) for all 700+ expected attendees will start at 11:00 AM. If you are not already a member of KAW, please obtain one by going to href="http://kaow.org/join.aspx"here The suggested donation for non-members may be slightly higher. Members gain admission to the Onam Celebrations at reduced prices. Please note that we would accept only cash/check at the venue.

  • Malayalam Movie Ustad Hotel
    Show Times:  Friday, September 14th 8:00PM;
                           Saturday, September 15th 4:00PM
                           Sunday, September 16th 4:00PM
    Venue:           Roxy Cinema, Renton

    KAW and Roxy Cinema proudly presents 2012 blockbuster movie Ustad Hotel. Come watch Anwar Rasheed's new generation movie starring mega star Mammootty's son Dulqar Salman and Nithya Menon. Enjoy this year's chart topper 'Apangal Embadum' on big screen.

    “Ustad Hotel” is an engaging and entertaining film that features Dulquer Salman (son of Mammooty), Thilakan, Siddique amongst others and is popularly regarded as one of the finest movies to have emerged in Malayalam cinema in recent times. The story revolves around the protagonist, enacted by Dulquer, who overcomes adversity at every corner in order to realize his dreams. The movie has won over the critics and the masses all over Kerala.

    Kindly note that this movie will follow Roxy Cinema's ticket pricing. This will ensure that Malayalees in WA will get more movie options than before.

  • KAW Annual Picnic
    Date:        Saturday, August 18th
    Time:       11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Venue:     Bellevue Downtown Park

    The KAW annual picnic for 2012 was held on August 18th, at the Bellevue Downtown Park. It was a time to get together for an afternoon full of fun, food and catching up with friends! While activities like coloring and water balloon kept the kids busy, games like tug-of-war, sack race, lemon-on-the-spoon etc. kept the adults usy.

    To satisfy your culinary desires, there were a variety of grilled BBQ dishes. Admission and food were free of cost for KAW Members.

  • KAW Soccer Tournament

    KAW 2012 Soccer saw three teams Chekavers, Chempada and Padayottam fight for glory. Though the dark horses Padayottam surprised everyone with their skills and strength, they could not enter the finals. Finals saw Chempada and Chekavers play under floodlights, egged on by a huge crowd of Malayalees. In the end Chempada won the match comfortably to take home 2012 KAW Soccer cup

  • KAW Women's Throwball Tournament
    Date: Saturday, August 4th
    Time: 10 AM
    Finals: 1 PM
    Venue: Grasslawn Park, Redmond WA
    Address: 7031 148th Ave NE, Redmond, Washington 98052

    This year's KAW Women’s Throw Ball Tournament was held at Grasslawn park on a beautiful sunny Seattle morning. 3 teams - Team Avengers (captain Rini Thambu), KC Girls (captain Jayalaxmi Shyamala) and Red Chillies (captain Sabitha Brijesh) - participated in the tournament.

    First match pitted Team Avengers against the defending champions Red Chillies. Red Chillies trounced Avengers in what was a very short game. It was easy to write off Avengers after their first match. But they came back strongly against their next opponents KC Girls. KC Girls won the game in the end to make it a Red Chillies vs KC Girls finals.

    Finals saw the 2 teams battle it out in the hot sun. But nothing could deter the spirit and enthusiasm of the players. The first game saw KC Girls going into a confortable lead in the early stages. It looked as though defending champions were down and out. That was not the case to be. They upped their game and closed the gap pretty quickly. At the end of the exhausting first game, Red Chillies came out top. They continued the momentum in the second game to win the game and match to be once again crowned KAW Women's Throwball Champions. Congrats Red Chillies!!!

  • KAW Cricket Tournament
    Saturday July 21st , 2012 @ Perrigo Park, Redmond WA (7am-3pm)
    Sunday July 22nd , 2012 @ MS Ground #5, Redmond WA (12:30pm-8:30pm)
    Saturday July 28th , 2012 @ Perrigo Park, Redmond WA (7am-10am)
    Saturday July 28th , 2012 @ MS Ground #3, Redmond WA (5pm-8pm)
    Women’s Cricket:
    Saturday July 28th , 2012 @ MS Ground #3, Redmond WA (10am-1pm & 4pm-5pm)

    2012 KAW cricket tournament saw 8 teams fight for a berth in play offs. 2 teams from each group of 4 made it past the league. While Chekavers, Kavala Chattambies, PKS and Pulikoottam made up Group A; Checkavers Reloaded, Kavalam Chunden, Seattle Pattalam and Undertakers fought in Group B.

    All the teams showcased some excellent cricket with some scintillating shots, precise bowling and some amazing catches in the field. The leagues couldn't have ended in a more fitting fashion. With Pulikoottam and PKS having to win the last match to qualify for the semi's, KAW witnessed one of the most anticipated game. Checkout the game scores and points below to know who won.

    League match summary

    Final summary

    From Group A, Kavala Chattambies and Pulikoottam made it to the semis while Undertakers and Seattle Pattalam cruised to semis from Group B. Undertakers was the only team that was unbeaten in league matches. Both league days saw huge turn out of KAW members to support their participating friends and family. Thanks to Thattukada from our member groups, everyone got to enjoy great food too.

    Semifinals and Finals were played the next weekend giving the teams enough time to rest. The semi between Undertakers and Pulikoottam saw the finalists of last year fight it out. Undertakers led by Neil was seeking revenge against the 2011 winners led by Ojus. They made the intention real clear when they picked up a wicket on the very first ball of Pulikoottam's innings. Wickets fell in quick succession soon after. They picked up the prized wicket of Ram, the hero of last league match, on a mix up between batsmen. Soon the mighty Pulikoottam folded out cheaply, giving Undertakers their second consecutive finalist berth.

    The other semi final was played between Kavala Chattambies led by Anil and Seattle Pattalam led by Varghese. It is interesting to note that team Seattle Pattalam was formed by merging 2 teams (Seattle Koottukar and Pattalam) that could not find enough players to play. You would think such a newly formed team would not stand a chance to make it to the finals. But they did just that, and in style. After making a huge total, thanks to their openers Nidhish and Manoj, Seattle Pattalam tied Kavala Chattambies down. In the end, KCs fell short by a few runs, with wickets still in hand. This paved the way for a rookie team to make it all the way to finals.

    2012 Mens finalists Seattle Pattalam and Undertakers were greeted by a huge turn out of KAW members. Seattle Pattalam started slowly in an effort to preserve wickets for onslaught in final overs. But things didn't go quite according to plan with wickets falling and runs drying up. Then came the partenership of Mahesh and Varghese that steadied the innings and helped their team achieve a respectable total. Undertakers started off slowly. Breakthrough came in the form of a skier from Nicky. This was followed by an edge from Anand, which was caught by wicket keeper Nidhish in a stunning diving catch. Wickets kept coming in following overs. Crowd was stunned to see the mighty Undertakers struggling for the first time in the tournament. In the end, the underdogs beat the Undertakers to lift the 2012 KAW Mens Cricket Trophy. Job well done, Seattle Pattalam.

    This year's KAW Womens Cricket had 2 teams step up to take the challenge. Last year's winners Garudaz led by Sabitha played against rookie team KC Girls led by Lakshmy. Garudaz batting first piled on a huge total, taking advantage of the fielding inexperience of KC Girls. Devina and Anjana hit some beautiful strokes that showed their experience in playing regular cricket. Batting second, KC Girls lost quick wickets initially. However, Lakshmy supported by Roshna played a captains innings, taking the score to a respectable total. However it was not enough to make it another suprise defeat for the day. Garudaz retained the cup for 2012. Well played teams.

  • KAW Tennis Tournament
    Date: June 30th
    Venue: Newport High School, Factoria

    This year's KAW Tennis tournament was conducted on Saturday June 30th at Newport High School in Factoria. Cloudy skies did not prevent enthusiastic players from turning up. Rain finally played spoil sport. As a result, men's singles finals and doubles semis had to be postponed to July 4th.

    But nothing could stop the long and gruelling ladies finals match. The match between Anjana Vinod and Sabitha Brijesh. In the end, Anjana won the championship on tie break (7-5) in the 7th game.

    Update from July 4th: Congratulations to Brijesh Pothera and Binu K Purayil for being our tennis doubles champions for 2012! They were against Hari Prasad and Arun Gopalan who are our runners up for this year.. In the tennis singles tournament, Shiby Chacko and Anish Swaminathan were doing excellent serves against each other, but unfortunately, after the first game, Anish was injured. Shiby was declared this year's KAW mens Tennis Champion. We would like to thank all those who played this year and all those who came out to support our players.

  • KAW Poker Tournament
    Date: June 9th
    Venue: Aero Controls Cafeteria

    This was KAW's first ever poker tournament and we were able to pull in 13 eager participants ready to snatch the title of first ever champ!

    We had started with 2 tables,each with eager players trying for the title. There was up's and down's as with any competitive match at both tables which brought an ambitious vibe to the players to get to the prize faster. When there were only 8 players remaining, we had merged the tables into one and this is when we saw the players energy levels start to rise.

    In the final 8, from the first table, it was Vivek, Joe, and Jinu who merged to compete with Tito, Brijesh,Anish, Raj, and Rakesh from the second table. It was Joe who took a huge gamble to put it all in several times which proved to be his luck as he managed to snatch the chips from the rest of the players. Everyone tried their luck in competing with him, but in the end, the odds happened to be in Joes favor. In the end, the competition was between husband and wife, and one would think Joe would go easy, but in the end, Joe snatched the title as KAW's first ever poker tournament champion and his wife Jinu as runner up. Congrats to the husband and wife duo!! What a team!!

    KAW would like to thank Boney Mathew for sponsoring the event as well as the prize's, 1st prize being worth $75 for and $25 for runners-up.

  • Stage Show - American Thriller Express
    Date: May 25th
    Time: 07:00 PM
    Venue: Auburn PAC
    KAW Executive Committee presented “American Thriller Express”, an evening filled with music, dance and comedy on Friday, May 25th 2012. The show was led by seasoned actor Jagadeesh. Festivities kickedoff with graceful dances from actressesLakshmi Gopalaswami, Mithra Kurian and Archana. This was followed by melodious songs by singers Venugopal, Cicily and Anoop Shankar. The show also featured well choreographed dance numbers from talented Rejith Menon along with Mithra and Archana. Seattle KAW members joined the stars on stage to take the dances up a notch. But the stars that stole the show were Asianet-Vodafone comedy stars (Nelson, Ullas and Shibu Laban) with their comedy skits

    Thanks to all the KAW members and sponsors for making the show a success.

  • KAW Mother's Day celebrations
    Date: Sunday, May 6th
    Time: 2:00PM to 6:00PM
    Venue: Marthoma Church in Kent
    Address: 20807, 142nd Ave SE, Kent, WA-98042

    This year's Mother's day celebration saw KAW kid members bring out their talents in fancy dress competition. It was cuteness galore. They gave the Judges a hard time in deciding the winners. The winners of 2012 KAW Fancy Dress are

    Sub-Juniors category
    Vedha Nair
    Joshua John Ojus

    Juniors category
    Nandana Menon
    Lisa Elenjickal

    Keeping with KAW tradition, a cooking competition was also held. But this time around, it was the dads and dad to-bes who did the cooking. The competition brought out the hidden culinary talents in KAW men. The winners for cooking contest are

    First Price - Nitin Punnen for his Beef Ulathiyathu
    Second Price - Anish Swaminathan for his Frog Legs!!!

    Main Dish (Veg)
    First Price - Jojo Chalissery for his Avacado Chummanthi
    Second Price - No other contestant

    Main Dish (Non Veg)
    First Price - KG Sunny for his Yummy Thenga Kozhi
    Second Price - Soorajlal Vanaja for his Spice Coast Biriyani

    First Price - Jojo Chalissery for his Ilaneer Payasam
    Second Price - No other contestant

    Congratulations to all the winners. And thanks to all those who participated.

  • KAW Sports - Badminton Tournament
    Date: April 28th

    Badminton Tournament was held at Sea-Tac community Center this year as well.

    This year, 12 teams registered for Men's doubles. The finals of men's doubles saw 2 teams determined to win, clash for the title. In the end, the defending champions Shyju Abraham & Graim George defeated Rohit and Nishar to retain KAW Mens Badminton Doubles championship title.

    3 teams participated in Women's doubles. Here again, defending champions Sabitha and Devina took the crown after beating Rani & Stephanie.

    16 people registered for singles. Since most of the players had already played doubles, fatigue began to set in. But that did not dampen the spirit of the players. They fought tooth and nail to win the coveted title. In the end, the finals saw ex-champion Anil Shanmugam and this year's doubles finalist Rohit come head to head. Rohit put the gosts of the doubles defeat behind him and won the prestigeous KAW Singles Badminton title.

    Ladies singles finals saw the doubles winners, Sabitha and Devina, lock horns for the title. Defending champion Sabitha won the match to add another title to her bloating trophy collection. Kudos to a true champion.

  • Malayalam class for Adults
    Date: April 1st, September 16th (2:00PM)
    The adult Malayalam classes will start on April 1st. If you are interested to take these classes, please do send an email to the Secretary - secretary@kaow.org or the instructor, Ruby Devasia at rubyrenne@live.com.

    Malayalam classes will resume at 2:00PM on September 16th.

  • Movie "Spanish Masala"
    Date: March 31st
    Time: 2:00PM
    Venue: Totemlake Cinemas
    KAW featuring first movie for 2012 at 2:00 pm @ Kirkland Totem Lake Cinema.

  • KAW Christmas & New Year Celebrations on Jan 7th

    KAW EC's 2011's final grand show, the Christmas and New Year Grand Celebrations was held at the Sammamish High School Performing Arts Center in Bellevue. The Seattle Malayali Community celebrated the holiday season together with Santa Claus and lots of cheer!!!

    Christmas Lunch & Cultural Fest:

    The catered Dum Biriyani from "Curry Point" was so delectable that it received rave appreciation from the crowd!. The Cultural show by KAW's highly talented members began at 2.00 pm sharp. Hariprasad M & Jayashree Narayan were the MCees for the show. KAW President Tom John welcomed the audience and Rev.Fr. Binu Varghese from the Mar Thoma Church of Greater Seattle delivered the Christmas/New Year message. After Santa Claus made his entry wth lots of chocolates, the many programs including Christmas Carol, Kids Orchestra, a dashing hip-hop dance, Bharathanatyam, Folk Dances, Single Dance, Western and Malayalam Melodies, Skit (by all members of EC'2011) etc followed. Secretary KAW, Ojus John expressed Thanks to the community for their great support throughout the year 2011. The Trophies for all the Sports Tournaments & Cooking Competition were distributed at the end of the event. All the finalists from all Sports competitions this year were awarded individual trophies. Malayalam Class teachers were also felicitated during the show.

    KAW General Body Meeting & Elections to EC-2012:

    A General Body Meeting of the Oranization was held mid-way thru the Cultural Fest. A proposal to create an Ad-hoc committee to study and make recommendations for the growth of KAW was approved unanimously by all members. The Committee, comprising of nominated members from the panel of all past Presidents/Secretaries of KAW will be headed by Tom George. The other members are Jose Kunthara, Ojus John, Madhu Kangara, Paul John, PM Mathew & Thomas Abraham. Ram Pranam & Roy Mathew will serve as the co-ordinators for the Adh-hoc committee. The committee will look into various suggestions and make recommendations to the General Body by March 2012.

    The 2012 Executive committee was also chosen as part of the General Body Meeting. The 2012 Team is Biju Skariah (President), Jayashree Narayan (Secretary), PM Mathew (Treasurer), Hariprasad Manilavalappil (Vice President), Madhu Kangara (Joint Secretary), Mathew Joseph, Thomas Mudayankavil, Jacob Thomas, Rakesh Narayan, Nithin Sreedhar, Sabitha Brijesh, Vineetha Vivek & Angela Goraphy (8 Executive Committee members). EC'2011 wishes the very best to the new EC and expresses full support for all the KAW activities of 2012.

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