Maybe because Seattle gets sun for only 6-8 months, the Sports scene is amazingly vibrant here. KAW members are actively involved in many professional leagues in Seattle (Seattle Soccer League - "Chempada", ARCL League Cricket - "Coconut Thieves", "Sidewinders", "Sidewinders Reloaded", "Falconz", "Kavalachattambis" etc). KAW's Membership & Sporting Landscape soared new heights with the introduction of 10 Sports Tournaments by EC'2007. The succeeding committees also paid special attention to Sporting events. Cricket, Soccer & Volleyball Tournaments are absolutely huge draws. KAW also conducts yearly Tournaments for Badminton, Cards (28, 56 & Rummy), Chess, Racquetball, Tennis, Throwball etc.. Throwball & Cricket are especially popular with ladies too.. For details on 2014-15 Sports Tournaments, visit Events page. Find here the information on various sporting activities in Seattle.

KAW Badminton Club

Come and join our exceptionally well-run Badminton club! It's on every Saturday 10 am at Kent Commons/Sea-Tac Community Center/Renton Community Center. Lady folks are also enthusiastically participating in the Badminton Club. Call Mathew Titus at (206) 334-7422 or Aniyan Mattamel at (253) 639-5733. If you are at Bellevue side, you can join other Malayalees at the Bellevue Badminton Club too. Contact Ojus John at

KAW Soccer Club

Join us every Wed 6:30 pm, Fri 6:30 pm & Sun 5:00 pm at Bothell Turf Ground (11800 North Creek Prkwy S, Bothell, WA) / 60 acres park in Redmond. For more information about the Bellevue timings & to be included in the Bellevue Soccer Mailing list etc, email If you are in Kent side, join the Kent players. Every Sunday 5:00 pm at Kentridge High school in Kent. For more information email Boney Mathew - or call Mathew Titus at (206) 334-7422.

KAW Cricket Club

KAW's members are playing in many teams (Coconut Thieves, Sidewinders etc.) in the American Recreational Cricket League Contact Ojus John ( or Santhosh Pillai or for more information.

KAW Volleyball Club

Come and join the volleyball club and play every Friday 6:30 pm at Kentridge High School in Kent. For more information call Joseph Mathew at (253) 804-1198 or Paul K John at (253) 852-3887.

KAW Cards Club

Anyone interested in playing cards (28, 56)? Call George Daniel at (253) 288-2387 or Mathew Titus at (206) 334-7422 for more information.

Other Suggestions?

If you have any questions about any of the Sporting Activities of KAW, contact Ojus John at