Kerala Association of Washington (KAW), is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious cultural organization working towards the betterment of the social lifestyle of Keralites in the Pacific Northwest. We, Malayalees, come from the southernmost state of India, Kerala. Also known as "God's own country", Kerala is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Our native language is "Malayalam" and so the name "Malayalees". KAW strives to maintain and promote the golden heritage of Kerala through our highly acclaimed cultural events, stage shows featuring celebrities from Kerala, sports tournaments, literary and educational activities, and charity initiatives. KAW also serves as a forum of friendship to exchange of ideas and information for the Keralites. We exhort all Malayalees of Washington state to actively participate in the various programs organized by KAW.

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(Written by John Koshy Kuzhinapurathu)

It was the great ambition of Keralites in Seattle to have an association with the main objective to preserve and maintain Kerala culture with an aim to create a "home away from home" environment for those who originate from Kerala. With the above intention, Mr. Krishnan C. Nambudiripad, Mr. Babu Parayil, Mr. Sreenivansan, Mr. Thomas Mathew, Mr. John Kunthara, Mr. K. K. John, Mr. Philip Thomas, and Mrs. Aleykutty Thomas contacted the Keralite families in Seattle and surrounding areas and were able to conduct the first planning meeting on Saturday, August 4th 1990 at the John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine. 55 persons from 31 families were present and the proceeding started with a silent prayer. Dr. K. V. Ramanathan took the leadership of the proceedings. Formation of an organization of the people from Kerala and of those who maintain some affinity towards the Keralite culture and/or Malayalam language was discussed. The name of the organization has been selected as "Kerala Association of Washington". A steering committee consisting of the following persons were selected.

Krishnan C. Nambudiripad President
Thomas Mathew Secretary
O. C. Koshy Treasurer
John Kunthara Member
Joy Thykoottathil Member
Aleykutty Thomas  Member
Philip Thomas Member

Thomas Mathew extended vote of thanks and the meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

The steering committee conducted meetings on August 9th, 21st, 31st, and on September 8th 1990. The first event of the association, the Onam celebration was conducted on September 2nd 1990 at the St. Thomas Moore School auditorium located at 6511 176th S.W, Lynnwood and it was a great success.

A constitution for the association was drafted by the steering committee and was approved at the general body meeting held at John Basteyr College, Seattle on September 16th, 1990. With the approval of constitution, the steering committee was declared dissolved. The following were elected to the first respective offices:

Krishnan C. Nambudiripad President
Aleykutty Thomas Vice President
Thomas Mathew  Secretary
O. C. Koshy Treasurer
Toms John Member at Large
John Kunthara Member at Large
Babu Parayil Member at Large
Mathew Joseph Member at Large
Philip Thomas Member at Large

The members of the Association are proud of the achievements and progress. We were able to conduct a large number of cultural shows and festival celebrations during the past years.